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Our competences

We support you with a wide range of customer-oriented services in the three product sectors of electronic components, raw materials and metals . Our focus is on products from Asian suppliers.

Electronic components

Coftech supplies crystal units, crystal oscillators (SPXO,TCXO,VCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO), High precision TCXO for satellite navigation, TCXO low G-sensitivity, hard-to-find crystal oscillators, crystal filters – SMD and Bloc Type (up to 10-pole), SAW filters, SAW duplexer and filters in CSP packages, SAW duplexers, internal and external antennas (MIMO, GPS / GLONASS, GPRS, LTE), AMR sensors and synthetic quartz material

Raw materials

Whether calcium-silicon, ferro-phosphorus,
pyrite/iron disulphide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide,
ferrous sulphide, alloy briquettes, silicon-metal,
ferro-silicon 75 % or 90%, noble alloys such as ferro-molybdenum, ferro-vanadium, ferro-tungsten. Coftech has just the right raw material for you.


Available from Coftech:
Aluminium plates,
Aluminium tapes,
Aluminium thin tapes,
Aluminium foils,
Aluminium composite foils,
Oxygen blastpipes

Crystal units (SMD and Metal can), crystal oscillators, high precision crystal oscillators, hard-to-find crystal oscillators, crystal filters, SAW filters and duplexer (CSP packages), antennas (MIMO, GPS / GLONASS), sensors and synthetic quartz material, calcium-silicon, ferro-phosphorus, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, ferrous sulphide, pyrite, alloy briquettes, ferro-silicon 90, ferro-silicon 75, silicon-metal, noble alloys such as ferro-molybdenum, ferro-vanadium, ferro-tungsten, aluminium plates, aluminium tapes, aluminium thin tapes,  aluminium foils, aluminium composite foils, oxygen blastpipes.

Coftech as a consulting partner for buyers and technicians, assures your supply and supports you in your search for that one special product for your application. An experienced team takes on all of your logistics needs, and is a one-stop provider of quality and logistics on the agreed deadline.


Advantages offered by Coftech

  • Great expertise in electronic components, metals, raw materials
  • Decades of international experience in the sourcing and supply marketplaces
  • Reliably constant top quality
  • Advice and full service
  • Future-oriented: technical and commercial experience as regards product requirements through new complex technologies

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From leading producers by coftech

Coftech supplies the smallest series production crystal unit.. Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.0 x 0.33 mm; max. frequency range from 24.0 MHz to 60.0 MHz. Can be used wherever the smallest dimensions together with top accuracy are required. The applications include: medical telemetry, smartcards, RFID, NFC, on mobile communication circuit boards in order to optimise the space needed.

Coftech also offers SMD MC crystal filters with a fundamental frequency of 70.0 MHz to 270 MHz. SMD ceramic housing dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 mm to 7.0 x 5.0 mm.

Crystals for NFC / RFID, Bluetooth low-energy crystals (BLE), crystals with good shock and vibration behaviour, high fundamental frequency crystals, crystals for automotive applications crystal oscillators, hard-to-find crystal oscillators, crystal filters, SMD crystal filters, and much more.
Your contacts are: Herr Jürgen Hoffmann: +49 (0) 201 87225-70; Herr Andreas Braach: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-20.; Herr Jörg Kramer: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-71; Herr Stefan Hoffmann: +49 (0) 201 87225-41; Simone Dietz: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-74. Frau Barbara Mainka: +49 (0) 201 87225-72.

Coftech GmbH offers you a comprehensive range of external, internal/embedded and base station antennas for M2M applications such as telematics and automotive applications (mobile communications, GPS, GLONASS, SDARS), Smart Grid, metering (intelligent consumption meters), telemetry, home automation, remote monitoring and medical applications. The innovative SMT antennas and flexible embedded products of our partners are unique. Our antenna partner Taoglas places great emphasis on constant materials research and ongoing improvement of current antenna designs. Coftech GmbH offers the best possibly performance-optimised antenna solutions for individual requirements.

Suitable for GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. Dimensions: 35 x 35 mm. Stable performance, excellent frequency selection and low temperature coefficient.

Together with our partners, Coftech can offer you customised antenna designs, optimisation of circuit board layouts, noise suppression, pretesting for regulatory certification (e.g. PTCRB), over the air TRP/ TIS optimisation in order to meet the requirements of network operators, and first tier automotive approved antennas made in TS 16949-certified factories (PPAP, IMDS).

Your contacts are: Herr Andreas Braach: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-20. Herr Jörg Kramer: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-71. . Frau Simone Dietz: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-74.

Coftech offers the smallest watch crystal from our partner RIVER ELETE Corp. Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.0 x 0.5 mm and 32.768 kHz. The possible applications include smart cards, medical telemetry, handheld devices, industrial applications.
Also available as 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.38 mm and 32.768 kHz.

Coftech supplies crystal oscillators ranging from simple watch crystals all the way to high-precision OCXO for metrology, including oscillators with integrated thermistors. Frequencies: < 32.768 kHz  to > 100 MHz fundamental frequency. 3rd OT, 5th OT, with designs from 1,2 x 1,0 mm to wired HC 49U.

Designs of high-frequency crystal oscillators: 6 x 3.5 mm, 3.2 x 2.5 mm. Frequencies: up to 622 MHz fundamental frequency.

Your contacts are: Andreas Braach: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-20. Jörg Kramer: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-71. . Simone Dietz: +49 (0) 201 – 87225-74.

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